T. Barth, T. Børtveit, P. Prescott

Motivational Interviewing. Counseling to Change
Motiverende intervju. Samtaler om endring

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a goal-oriented, client-centred form of counselling that can be used to explore and strengthen a client’s intrinsic motivation to change. The counselling should result in a person deciding in favour of, and moving in the direction of, a certain result. MI is based on knowledge of how counselling can influence a person’s motivation to change, despite conflicting thoughts and feelings around changing their own behaviour.
The relationship between client and helper is essential for a positive result – they must share the same goals. Both must therefore be motivated for the same change. However, it is the client’s thoughts and feelings that are central. The client is the one to make decisions about his or her own life.
MI was originally developed for clinical work with clients with a substance abuse problem. However, the method can be used in many areas of treatment and rehabilitation work in which a change in problematic behaviour is desirable – in therapy, counselling and consultation within the health sector and social work.
The book’s authors have actively participated in the development of theory and practice of the MI method, both in Norway and internationally, especially through information activities, training and running courses.

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