O. J. Løland, A. Martinsen, P. Skippervold

The Bible in Popular Culture

Bibelen i populærkulturen

In popular culture, there are innumerable references to the Bible. In this book three theologians illustrate how the Bible is used in films, books and on TV.

What status does the Bible have in our culture when it is parodied in The Simpsons? And what happens to our understanding of the Bible when the Book of Books provides funny points or aesthetic ingredients for our contemporary mass culture? This is some of the questions raised in the book. The authors emphasize that the Bible is not only “high-grade culture,” but from the very beginning it has also been a part of everyday culture, culture for the populace. Today, this way of using the bible is expressed through the mass media, the most important form of everyday culture. The Bible offers funny points, or aesthetic ingredients to general, marketable and popular culture. At the same time, this means that the authority of the Bible both as a holy text and cultural heritage is challenged.

The book is written by three research fellows from the Faculty of Theology. They work on various research projects based on the Old and the New Testaments.

Bok 601

OLE JAKOB LØLAND (b. 1981) is a minister in the Church of Norway and was the first in Norway to integrate the music and text material of U2 in his sermons.

ANDERS MARTINSEN (b. 1983) has, among other things, worked with contextual theology.

PETTER SKIPPERVOLD (b. 1975) has toured with the band PostScriptum for many years and has made many records. He has ten years of teaching experience from the Faculty of Theology.