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Øyvind Torseter
Øyvind Torseter

Mule Boy

The story of Mule Boy is based on the Norwegian fairy tale about “The Troll Who Had No Heart.”

The king has sent six of his seven sons out into the world to find suitable princesses. The sons don’t return and Mule Boy insists on finding out what has happened to his brothers. He discovers that the troll has turned his brothers and their brides into stone. He makes his way into the mountain to get hold of the troll and free the princess whom the troll has captured.

This is a charming twist on an old Norwegian fairy tale. There is a lot of humour and amusing dialogue in the book. It is dramatic and thrilling to accompany the Mule Boy into the mountain and the princess is both spunky and full of gumption. We know Mule Boy from previous books.

The illustrations are beautiful, humorous and imaginative in use of line and colour.

Winner of the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2018 for best picture book and the Norwegian Critics’ Prize for Literature, Best Children’s and YA Book 2015.
Finalist for the 2022 Premio Orbil in the category graphic novel.
Nominated for the Nordic Council Children and YA Literature Prize 2016.

Torseter mulegutten hd

‘Torseter is an entertaining story-teller, in both words and pictures.’


‘Curiosity, adventurousness and courage characterise the young prince (…). Curiosity is a word that can also be used when talking about Torseter himself – the result is a fantastic picture book that both children and adults will love.’


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