Martin Ødegaarden Henriksen



When Becky comes home and wants to tell her parents about all the fun that happened at school, she finds them totally immersed in their gadgets. Dinner gets cold while mom takes selfies and dad does not eat because he is chatting on his mobile phone. Fortunately a gadget devouring virus suddenly appears in the living room, and soon family life is restored.

This is a hilarious and fantastic tale that is very relevant for many modern families. Surveys show that many parents spend too much time on digital media, while their children are not getting the attention they need.

Art direction: Synne Moen Tøften
Photography: Mona Ødegård

Bok 621
Forfatter 621
Photo: Beate Karterud

Martin Ødegaarden Henriksen is a Norwegian copywriter, screenwriter and author. He enjoys writing for kids, and #gadgets is his first picture book.