Children And Young Adults
Novel (Vol. I in a series)

Ayse Koca

Yoko Onur - Making Over Mum
Yoko Onur - Et balleliv

Yoko Onur and her best friend Kara have decided to take control over Yoko’s hopeless life.
Since they feel that it is Yoko’s 200% hopeless mother who is the cause of all of her problems, they start a top secret project to:

1. Find the dream man (for mum)
2. Find the dream job (for mum)
3. Make mum dig regular clothes
4. Make mum dig regular food
5. Find a cuddly puppy (for Yoko and her mum)

But things don’t turn out exactly as they have planned. It was not their idea that mum should find a job at their own school! And the hunt for the dream man changes Yoko’s life in a way nobody could have foreseen …
This is first and foremost a refreshing and amusing tale of two ingenuous young girls who are in the midst of the transition from childhood to adolescence, and perhaps think they know more about life than they actually do. With its colourful cast of characters, the majority of Islamic heritage, Koca also describes Islamic diversity with a liberating straightforwardness.

Bok 622

“The book is a refreshing and necessary addition to the selection of books available for 10−13-year olds.”

Jury statement from the nomination for the First Book Award

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