Short Stories

Kjell Askildsen

A Great Deserted Landscape
Et stort øde landskap

A recurring theme in Kjell Askildsen’s short stories is the loneliness and vulnerability of man. In a few pages Askildsen portrays the situation of a person, and with that a whole destiny. In A Great Deserted Landscape Askildsen truly shows his insight into the human mind and his lingustic sensitivity.

Winner of the Norwegian Literary Critics’ Prize 1991.

“In a masterly manner, Askildsen uses an ancient literary device: the aggressive vulnerability. In doing so, he gives the reader no choice but to come along with him until the very last sentence, grateful for an authorship which, despite evident ideals and references, has become such an independent artistry expression… In Askildsen’s work, the humans are – thank God – still secretive and incomprehensive beings, in spite of their exposed exhaustedness”

Askildsen kjell a great deserted landscape

“a fascinating and distinguished work of art (…) It is hardly possible to meet his standards on this, both for Norwegian and foreign writers.”


‘Exclusive, particular, penetrating’

Politiken, Denmark

‘an admirable book (…) Kjell Askildsen is a tremendous author.’

Ekstrabladet, Denmark

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