Children and Young Adults
Picture Book (Vol. I in a series)

Bjørn F. Rørvik
Gry Moursund

The Three Billy Goats Gruff at the Water Park
Bukkene Bruse på badeland

The three Billy Goats Gruff are on their way to the meadow, as usual, to eat the green grass. But along the road they find a New sign: Water Park – 200 meters. The Gruff brothers think this sounds tempting. And maybe they won’t have to face the troll that is always waiting under the bridge to scare them every time they head for the hills to buy waffles.
The water park is exciting, especially the long slide. But then the troll shows up…

Illustrated by Gry Moursund.

With 450,000 books in print, the series about The Three Billy Goats Gruff (with three titles as of March 2019), has become one of the greatest Norwegian picture book successes ever.

Rørvik   moursund   de tre bukkene bruse på badeland

“A Hilarious Adventure (…) Fun reading for the whole family. It doesn’t get much better than this!’

Foreldre & Barn

“The Norwegian tale of the Billy Goats Gruff at the Water Park is among the best I’ve come across within the genre of children’s literature.”

Barnboksbildens vänner (Sweden)

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