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Bjørn Ingvaldsen

Icarus Olsen’s Fight to Get to the Top: The Pixie War
Ikaros Olsens kamp for å nå toppen. Nissekrigen

There is only one way: upwards… and possibly a little downwards too.
Icarus Olsen is 12 years old. He lives in a third basement floor together with his grandfather, who has been a diver and therefore knows everything about being right down on the bottom. But Icarus doesn’t want to be on the bottom any more. He’s tired of being on the bottom rung, along with his grandfather who is terribly poor. So he wants to move upwards, he wants to become rich and happy. And he has a plan. And the plan’s name is Dick, the richest of the rich boys in the class. Icarus is going to get Dick to invite him home. There he is going to learn everything about becoming happy.

Ingvaldsen ikaros olsens kamp hd

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