Children and Young Adults

Gunhild J. Ecklund

What is Economy? Facts and Reflections
Hva er økonomi? Fakta og funderinger

Economy is to be found everywhere – in our everyday life and in the society of which we are a part. Even so, many people find economy difficult to understand. And they are quite right. Economy is difficult. The book What is Economy? Facts and Reflections shows that economy is useful. It can even be fun!

The book provides practical tips on how children and young people can earn money for themselves and have control over how much they use. It explains how the child’s personal economy is related to the world around them and also illustrates important aspects of economy in society. The book answers questions such as:
• How can you earn money yourself? What is a budget and how do you use it? How do you shop safely on the Internet?
• Why is money valuable? What is interest?
• Why do we pay tax? What do banks do? What is consumer power? What does it really mean to be poor?

What is Economy? Facts and Reflections has been written for children aged 12 and older. It is also suitable for younger children and, not least, for parents, teachers and other adults who wish to talk with children and young people about economy. The book is written in a simple and easy-to-understand language. It is richly illustrated with drawings and photos.

Additional contents may be found on the website:

Ecklund hva er økonomi hd

‘Interesting book on economy for children and young people.’


‘This book deserves a wide readership. It is important for everybody who is concerned that children and young people should have a sound knowledge of personal economy.’

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