Jan Grue

Theory in practice. Analytic strategies in academic work

Teori i praksis

A theory can be understood as an explanation of a phenomenon, presented as logically coherent statements. If we are to understand and explain anything in or about world, we need a theoretical position. Students at the university level, regardless of field, need to be able to relate to theories and theoretical frameworks; however, “theory” often remains a remote and abstract notion. Theory in practice is an introduction to theoretical considerations around practical qualitative work, particularly textual and social science analysis. The author Jan Grue presents several fundamental questions, such as:
• What is theory?
• Why should we use theories?
• Do non-theoretical explanations of the world exist?
• How can we understand and apply theories in practical academic work?

This book highlights the role of theory and shows why and how theory is relevant in practice. The first part of the book sketches out the basics of understanding theory and theoretically founded analytic concepts, while the second part consists of three concrete examples of theoretical analysis from the fields of health and social sciences, ranging from text via media narratives to social phenomena.

Grue teori i praksis hd
Grue, jan

Jan Grue (PhD) is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo’s Institute for Sociology and Human Geography, employed under the research project Disease prestige and informal priority settings, primarily grounded in the sociology of health and illness. The book Disability and Discourse Analysis is published with Ashgate; it deals with the different ways in which disability is represented across social and political contexts.

His other research interests are chiefly in disability studies and discourse analysis. His PhD thesis is entitled Interdependent Discourses of Disability: A Critical Analysis of the Social/Medical Model Dichotomy. He is the managing editor at the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research and the book review editor of Rhetorica Scandinavica.

Most of Grue’s (English-language) publications are available through Google Scholar; He is also on academia.edu, ResearchGate and Mendeley, though not very often. Norwegian-language publications are listed in Cristin. Jan Grue publishes frequently in Norwegian and international journals.