Olav Schewe

Super Student. How to save time, learn more effectively and get better grades
Superstudent. Lær mer effektivt, få bedre karakterer

Olav Schewe went from being an average student to a high school valedictorian and top of his class at the University of Oxford by using the techniques described in the book. Super Student: How to Save Time, Learn More Effectively and Get Better Grades is a 44,000-word bestselling book on study skills: reading, note taking, memorization, etc.
The book has been endorsed by the Norwegian Minister of Education and has now been rewritten for an international audience and translated into English. The targeted readership is high school and university students. The book can easily be adapted to focus on only one of the two groups.
The book’s content is universal and not specific to any particular geography.

PART I: LEARN EFFECTIVELY: Manage your time / Plan for success / Learn more effectively / Maximize classroom learning / Succeed in study groups / Take better notes / Remember more from reading / Memorize facts with more ease
PART II: PERFORM OPTIMALLY: Prepare well / Conquer exams and written tests / Write better essays / Cruise through multiple choice tests / Nail presentations / Impress in the classroom
PART III: THINK RIGHT: Increase your motivation / Set effective goals / Have more fun in your studying / Believe in yourself / Develop self-discipline / Form good habits / Manage stress

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