Gunn Imsen

The Student’s World. Introduction to Educational Psychology

Elevens verden

The Student’s World covers the most important target areas in the subject of education and knowledge about students in teacher training for primary and secondary school. The volume is known for professional systematics, overview and a thorough introduction to central topics, combined with reader-friendliness and critical questions.

The Student’s World gives student teachers and others who will be working with children and young people a thorough and easy-to-follow introduction to the most relevant theories of learning, motivation and socialization. The book covers important parts of the required learning outcomes for teacher education for primary and secondary school.

The new edition of The Student’s World has a profession-oriented angle, that is, that student teachers should know what the school’s main objectives are, and become able to make choices which build on theoretical knowledge as well as experience and research-based principles for good professional practice. The ideal is the professional teacher, who can make autonomous decisions in cooperation with colleagues.

The book provides a basis for sustainable teacher education in an era of rapidly changing trends. That is why the critical perspectives are also important. The teacher should become a creative designer of instruction in accordance with the individual student’s and society’s needs. There are hidden theories in all kinds of practice, and all theories have built-in values, thus all teachers should know the basic theories in order to work in accordance with the broader aims of education.

The fifth edition gives an introduction to the most fundamental theories and perspectives on learning, motivation, language learning and special education, as well as the socialization of children and young people in today’s society.

Imsen elevens verden
Imsen, gunn