Vera Voss



All girls have dreams: what if you could become anything you dreamed of?
The4 is about four normal, but completely different, girls who live extraordinary lives online. Bea, Lilly, Stine and Julie. They are all 16 and attend high school. Hiding behind their blogger identities they are able to handle problems nobody else dares to mess with.

The4 is a story about four anti-heroes that recreate themselves as heroes.
By living the fantastic – yet also dangerous – double identity, the four girls learn more and more about who they really are.

All books in The4–series may be read independently, as each book includes one solved case.

Books in the series:

ANONYMOUS (Anonym) (95 pages)

REVENGE (Hevn) (254 pages)

MODELS (Modellene) (252 pages)

HEARTLESS (Hjerteløs) (272 pages)

HYPER (Hyper) (due: March 2016)

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Vera Voss is the pen name for a workshop of authors. It consists of some of Norway’s most productive TV-writers that have worked with acclaimed and prize-winning series.