Elisabeth Gerhardsen

I Am The Biggest: Siblings – Competitor or Buddy?

Søsken. Konkurrent eller kompis?

This book offers practical advice about how to prevent sibling conflicts and rivalry. You can read about the many different reasons why children change their behavior and become more demanding when their brother or sister arrives. What kind of changes can you expect, how do you best avoid the range of negative reactions and how to tackle the different ways in which children respond? Among other things, you get ideas about how to pay attention to each individual child and avoid having favourites.
The book also stresses how you can go about creating a good sibling relationship that will become life-long. The author tells us about challenges related to different age groups and Family compositions. The book contains a wealth of practical advice and ideas for parents with young children and all the examples of problems are presented with solutions.

Gerhardsen søsken. konkurrent eller kompis hd
Gerhardsen, elisabeth photo elisabeth grini
Photo: Elisabeth Grini

Elisabeth Gerhardsen (b. 1960) is an expert on clinical psychology of children and young people and has worked with children, parents and staff in nursery schools and the Activity School for more than 20 years.
She has also been employed as a health centre psychologist and worked in the Pedagogical-Psychological Service (PPT), in child courts, in hospitals and other organisations, and also taught parents and professionals for many years.