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Ragnar Aalbu
Ragnar Aalbu

Crocodile in The Tree
Krokodille i treet

The little red crocodile is out walking in the mist. Crocodile likes mist, and this is a really misty day! But suddenly he is scared by something that looks like a wolf, and oops! Little Crocodile is high up in a high tree.

Despite its apparent simplicity and spontaneity, on one level this picture-book is a dream-like allegory of belonging and alienation, while on a more concrete, down-to-earth level it is mostly about getting away safely from a tight corner.

Nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2016.

Aalbu krokodille i treet hd

‘Aalbu communicates confidently, using humour in both the text and the pictures.’


‘’This is not the first time Ragnar Aalbu has played with literary references and operated on several levels simultaneously. (…) The simple text and the clear colours are a pleasure to behold.’

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