Anna Fiske
Anna Fiske

Grandma and I

Farmor og jeg

Anna Fiske has so far published two books on Grandma and I. Her one-woman-magazine Rabbel, (Scribble, 2005-2009) won a number of prizes and contained comics for children, among these the charming series of Grandma and I. The stories from Rabbel have been published in one volume, Farmor og jeg (2011). And in 2012, Anna Fiske published five brand new stories about Anna and her lively grandmother, Farmor og jeg. Passe på en puddel.

Praise for Farmor og jeg: ‘A fireworks of a grandmother. Lovely children’s book by Fiske. … Great that we get to meet Rabble’s (Scribble’s) most energetic character, Grandma, again, and mini-Anna … The drawings are joyful and full of little details, making you read the five stories again and again. The colours are crisp and tasteful, giving the images a calm impression despite all the activity within the squares. … the book offers lots of fun antics, but also raises serious issues like death and solitude in a fine and straightforward way. Grandma may cheat at Bingo and cannot be bothered to help out much during the Christmas season, but she sure has a heart of gold.’ – Dagbladet

Praise for Farmor og jeg. Passe på en puddel: ‘In Anna Fiske’s Grandma and I, the main character is a kind of Pippi with cauliflower hair, racing around the countryside on a scooter. … Grandma reminds me of women I’ve met, giving and inspiring, who dare to think outside the box and be themselves. Fortunately, there are many brave, generous grandparents out there, good role models for us who are coming after!’ – Fædrelandsvennen

Fiske farmor og jeg

Amazing how much fun one can have with a grandma! A grandma who is completely hyper and full of life and joy and a thousand good ideas. This grandma turns every day into a party, and rattles things up. Do not miss this vitamin-injection of a book for small and large. Anna Fiske’s energeticillustrations are the finishing touch.’

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Fiske, anna photo sara fiske
Photo: Sara Fiske

Anna Fiske (b. 1964) grew up in the south of Sweden, but now lives in Oslo. Her one-woman-magazine Rabbel, (Scribble) with comics for children has won a number of prizes. She also makes comics for an adult audience (The Cleaning Lady, Dancing on the rug, The Group, and more).

Her work for children is in the great Scandinavian tradition of children’s literature, i.e. Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren. Anna Fiske has published two volumes of ”Grandma and I”-stories, and one volume of Palle Poodle stories from Rabbel, plus three Palle Poodle books for small children: Palle Poodle gets up, Palle Poodle relaxes at home, Palle Poodle buys jeans. In 2016 Anna Fiske published her longest Palle Poodle-story: Palle Poodle goes to New York.