Tiril Broch Aakre

Fjällräven Yellow
Fjällräven gul

Fjällräven Yellow is a coming-of-age novel. We meet eighteen year old Sjur Tangen in the aftermath of a serious traffic accident in which a girlfriend died. His best friend, Frede, is still in hospital and has given Sjur the responsibility for delivering a yellow back-pack with secret contents to various places in Hakadal, where he lives.
At home, his mother is arguing with her lover, and his little brother, Jesper, is having violent temper tantrums. Sjur has hardly any contact with his father, and now his dog, Houdini, has gone missing in the mountains. And all the time Sjur is thinking about a girl called Pjotr, and the things that happened last summer.

Aakre fjällraven gul hd

‘Tiril Broch Aakre is a remarkable storyteller. Fjällräven Yellow is a moving and somewhat brutal novel about a person on the brink of breaking.’


‘Tiril Broch Aakre has a sense for language that make her texts a necessity to read … Fjällräven Yellow feels both important and well composed.’


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