Alf R. Jacobsen

The King’s Choice

Kongens nei

The King’s Choice is the rivetting story of the Norwegian king’s escape from the German inavsion during WWII in the nick of time. We follow the king and his family and entourage fleeing from farm to farm in the Norwegian hinterland under ever more desperate circumstances, and we follow ambassador Braüer, lt.col. Pohlmann and major Walther as they try to catch and eventually kill Norway’s head of state – under relentless pressure from Hitler.
Filmatised in 2016, and was a smash-box-office hit in Norwegian cinemas.

Jacobsen kongens nei pocket

‘The book is as intense and exciting as a thriller. It gives an intimate portrait of the main characters’


‘based on Norwegian as well as German sources …The story’s drive and nerve makes it impossible to put down.’

Drammens Tidende
Jacobsen foto fredrik bjerknes
Photo: Fredrik Bjerknes

Alf R. Jacobsen, born 1950, is a critically acclaimed and bestselling author of nearly fifty titles of narrative non-fiction, history, biographies, thrillers and film-manuscripts. Jacobsen is considered a pioneer in Norwegian
investigative journalism, a position which also made him editor-in-chief of the
leading investigative TV program «Brennpunkt » at Norwegian broadcaster NRK, and the winner of numerous awards. His suspenseful writing style and his thorough research in archives both home and abroad has earned him a dedicated
audience, not least for his series of books on world war two. In 2016 his book Kongens nei (The King’s Choice) inspired the major motion picture with the same name, which was also selected the Norwegian candidate for the Oscars.