Cecilie Skog / Sigrid Meløy

Cecilie Skog and the Three Poles

Cecilie Skog og de tre polene

My name is Cecilie. I am stubborn, fussy and restless.

In this book you’ll come with me to Mount Everest, the South Pole and the North Pole. Three of the farthest points from the Earth’s center. I’m no conqueror. But I dig the outdoors: tents, open skies, fresh air and snow in all kinds of colors.

Does that make sense?

In this book you come along with Cecile — skiing to the South Pole, trekking through pack ice to the North Pole and gasping for breath on the world’s highest mountain.

Cecilie’s book differs from those of her male colleagues in that she isn’t occupied with the macho culture of polar exploration and the struggle between life and death. This is a special book in which Cecilie lays her personal life bare. With honesty and charm she describes the challenges, the fun, the pain — everything that goes along with being a woman on an expedition. Cecilie’s book conveys love, dreams and humor. But most of all it communicates the joy of adventure.

“The expeditions to Everest and the North and South poles are filled with joy, grief, strife and danger. And much more. This is what the author has managed to capture. A lot space has been given to the many humorous moments, both in text and photos. And succeeding in bringing love and romance into this kind of book, is both good and unusual.” (Dagbladet).

“This is the book we women have been waiting for. A lot of men have been out in the cold, the ice and to the mountaintops. And they’ve written brave accounts of the deserted ice and the thin air. Finally a book that is free from self-importance. Celilie Skog has, together with Sigri S. Meløy, written a simple and honest book. About the strife. About the ups and downs. About missing a boyfriend. About how dangerous it is to be brash. About a lot of down-time and deep thoughts.” (Stavanger Aftenblad).

Bok 116

Cecilie Skog is a Norwegian adventurer from Ålesund. She is the only woman in the world who has reached all “Three Poles” — the North Pole, the South Pole and Mount Everest. Cecilie Skog also reached the top of the highest mountains on each continent — “The Seven Summits”, and she is one of two women in the world who have skied from the mainland to the North Pole. This 2006 expedition Cecilie Skog, together with Rolf Bae and Per Henry Borch, took 49 days — the fastest ever.

Sigri Sandberg Meløy is from Bergen and works as a journalist for the Norwegian magazine Ny Tid. She has previously published Kjærleikar (2006), a collection of interviews about love.