Bjørn Ingvaldsen

Your Father

Far din

Your father is a thief. That’s what everyone says to you. Everyone hates your father because he steals. Everyone hates you because you have a father who is a thief. So what do you do? Fight Hide? For you can’t deny it. Everyone is right. Your father is a thief.
«I used to live here, everyone lived here, we lived here. Right here. Everything was normal. But now, right now, I knew that nothing was normal anymore. Everything was different now.»

Winner of the children’s own book prize, Barnas bokpris 2017
Nominated for The Nordic Council’s Literature Prize for Children and YA
Nominated for Ark’s Book Award, by Norway’s leading book chain

Ingvaldsen far din omslag
Ingvaldsen portrett foto elisabeth tønnesen
Photo: Elisabeth Thønnesen

Bjørn Ingvaldsen made his debut in 1995 with a collection of short stories for adults. Since then he has written several books for children and adults. His books for children have been translated into Danish, French, German and Italian.