Children And Young Adults

Anne Thelle

Typically Japanese?
Typisk japansk?

Typically Japanese – sushi, Pokemon or animation films?
Yes, but there’s so many other things too! In this book we get to know more about Japan today as we travel throughout the long country.
We meet young Japanese people who talk about their Japan: a girl who finally dares to use her own Korean name, a young man who will take over his father’s Buddhist temple in Kyoto, someone who spends all their free time at revision classes so they can get into their dream school, a young Ainu man, who describes what it is like to be different in Japan. On our journey, we explore remnants of the Samurai culture, we hear about the lives of geishas, we learn about cosplay culture and are given a snapshot of Japan’s place in the history of the Second World War. And much, much more.
The book is illustrated with photographs.
Suitable for readers over age 13.

Thelle typisk japansk web

“ … an exceptionally wise book, and Japanese culture is highly relevant to young readers… From chapter to chapter, we are impressed. Anne Thelle has a superior overview. »

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