Dikken Zwilgmeyer (1853-1913)

The Inger Johanne-series

Inger Johanne-bøkene

Inger Johanne is a 13 year old girl who tells about her everyday life in the small town of Risør. As it turns out Inger Johanne is a very good narrator; the books are full of descriptive scenes from those of her home along the sea coast to those of her mishaps with friends. Dikken Zwilgmeyer takes the reader on a journey through the inner world of this extraordinary girl. The books were groundbreaking upon publication in Norway, and became widely popular. Today they are considered true classics in Norwegian children’s literature.


Dikken Zwilgmeyer (20 September 1853 – 28 February 1913) was a Norwegian fiction writer. She is most noted for her children’s literature and for her “Inger Johanne” series.