Arnfinn Kolerud

The Million Kroner Kindness Competition


One perfectly ordinary day, Frank and Mom win the lottery. And then there aren’t any more ordinary days. Everyone in the village is after the twenty-four million. And Mom makes it worse by promising money to whomever is nicest. Frank and Mom flee to southern Europe. How long can they keep their heads in the sand? Who will win the competition? And does it really mean that Frank won’t get a single cent? The Million Kroner Kindness Competition is a humorous story about how difficult it is to be incredibly rich – and at the same time a good person.

Winner of the Ministry of Culture’s First Book Prize 2018

Kolerud snilionen

“Arnfinn Kolerud writes about money without moralizing. The Million Kroner Kindness Competition is a funny and deep drilling children’s book about what riches can do to people. This is a story that leaves you with valuable recognition, as well as being entertaining.”


“Kolerud has an impressive talent for lingual fabulation. (…) It is both thought provoking and funny.”

Romsdals Budstikke
Kolerud  fotograf kristin oldeide
Photo: Kristin Oldeide

Arnfinn Kolerud writes for both children and adults. He has received several awards for his books, amongst them The Cultural Ministry debut prize and the Nynorsk Children´s Book Award. He likes playing chess and visiting schools.