Short Stories

Roskva Koritzinsky

I Have not yet Seen The World
Jeg har ennå ikke sett verden

A middle aged man, working in drug rehabilitation, leaves his wife and children after falling in love with a teenage client. A single woman returns from work one day, to find that an entire litter of puppies have gone missing. A girl writes a love letter to her boyfriend, seven months after his death.

Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Award 2018

Koritzinsky jeg har ennå ikke sett verden

“The final story, where a daughter writes to her father, is world class. Sore and painful, revealing and near.”


“Extreme precision (…) Everything she writes seems significant, no metaphor is well-used or cliche, rather they appear as striking as they are dark. I Have Not Yet Seen the World is dense like poetry. This is a thoughtful project with an admirable abundance of literary energy.”

Fædrelandsvennen, 6 out of 6 stars

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