Meet the Authors

Behind every title, there is an author – sometimes an illustrator as well.
Here you can learn more about our selected-title authors.

Bj├©rn hatterud 1m8a3586 (1)

Bjørn Hatterud - Selected Title Author

Bjørn Hatterud has written about his old tower block, and how an area in Oslo has changed through thirteen years. – The book is about power and the divide between high and low status, he says.

Nikolaj.frobenius.2 4x3

Nikolaj Frobenius - Selected Title Author

In ‘Exctinction’ Nikolaj Frobenius tells the story of Jonathan, who is paralyzed with sorrow after his son died in an arson attack. – The novel raises questions about whether violence is sometimes the only – and just – solution, he says.

Thomas.hylland.eriksen.1 3x4 (1)

Thomas Hylland Eriksen - Selected Title Author

Thomas Hylland Eriksen has always been interested in the meaning of life. – As a social anthropologist and a Curious George, I have learnt a lot from other people, and felt that now was the time to think through and disseminate some of what I have learnt, he says.

Trond.bredesen.1 4x3 (1)

Trond Bredesen - Selected Title Author

Trond Bredesen has written a book about his mother’s dementia. – The book is about my mother’s last living years at an institution. How she never found her feet there, how she wanted to go home to her family and how she gradually got weaker and weaker until she couldn’t get up from bed, he says.

Pedro carmona alvarez  2023  av eva lene gilje østensen shv bredde

Pedro Carmona-Alvarez - Selected Title Author

Pedro Carmona-Alvarez has always known he wanted to write this book, he just didn’t know how. This changed when he saw an eight year old girl watching the suffering body of Jesus on the cross. – The mutilated body and the child’s eyes, gave me the chance to enter the story, he says.

Uten tittel (3)

Monica Isakstuen - Selected Title Author

Monica Isakstuen has written about what it means, and if it is even possible, to meet your own children where they are. – To think if it was possible to have the same age as one’s own children, if so only for a moment. I am deeply fascinated by (and feel a fear of!) the fact that we as humans are so locked into our age and the role it contains right now, she says.

Brit.bildøen.1 4x3 (1)

Brit Bildøen - Selected Title Author

Brit Bildøen writes about a familty gathering that doesn’t quite go as planned. In fact, it goes terribly wrong. – I think it is interesting to put my characters through unexpected things, or to put pressure on them and see what happens, she says.

Heidi.mittun kjos.3 4x3

Heidi Mittun-Kjos - Selected Title Author

With the hopes of saving the family house that’s about to fall apart, the main character in Girls in Trees goes back to the island where the family is from. – In a way, we are all vague echoes of our earlier generations. We carry a heritage of different tools to handle what comes our way, Heidi Mittun-Kjos says.

Uten tittel (4)

Lotta Elstad - Selected Title Author

Lotta Elstad has written a feminist novel set in Oslo hundred years ago. – This novel suits best for those who can handle reading about women that don’t act exactly as they should – and hopefully that is many, she says.

Simon.stranger.1 4x3 (2)

Simon Stranger - Selected Title Author

Simon Stranger has written about a murder case from real life, which is closely connected to his own family. – This book is for everyone who enjoys novels of the more serious kind, and especially those who are interested in the second world war, he says.

Tore renber

Tore Renberg - Selected Title Author

Tore Renberg tries to go back in time to grasp why humans do as they do. – Is this possible? I mean, travel all the way back to the 17th century? No. Or yes! The magic of literature, to speak in grand words, exists. If it didn’t, I would have never become a reader in the first place, and consequently, never an author, he says.

Hansson eline adrian nielsen bredde3

Meet Elin Hansson - Selected Title Author

We are happy to present our selected title author Elin Hansson. She has written Fiddle Fever (original title: Felefeber).
The book is one of NORLA’s Selected Titles of the spring 2023.

Read our interview with Elin here.