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Behind every title, there is an author – sometimes an illustrator as well.
Here you can learn more about our selected-title authors.

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Maria Parr and Åshild Irgens - Selected Title Authors

Maria Parr turns towards the nearest things in her new book Oskar and me. – This is my homage to the normal every day, and everything it contains, she says.

Thon, ingunn (c) luksengard bruk dette

Ingunn Thon - Selected Title Author

Ingunn Thon writes about Orion Sigerstad, the best besserwisser you can imagine, who one day suddenly goes wild. – This book is for you who are more concerned about what others think of you, than what you think of yourself, she says.

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Håkon Marcus - Selected Title Author

Håkon Marcus wanted to write modern fantasy with a mysterious touch. – With the Feral-universe I have tried to create a new type of world with a new logic, at the same time as it mirrors and interacts with our own, he says.

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Heidi Marie Vestrheim - Selected Title Author

Heidi Marie Vestrheim would have loved to have a Jenny to read about when she was little. – There aren’t that many books about girls who love rock and have big dreams! she says.

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Line Halsnes - Selected Title Author

Line Halsnes has written a book about the world’s seven coolest rescue rides. – This is a book for children from the age of 3 +, but I think grown-ups might find it interesting as well, she says.

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Neda Alaei - Selected Title Author

Neda Alaei writes about 16 year old Yousef, who tries to do everything that is expected of him. – On One Condition is about Yousef, and many young Norwegian boys in Norway with a minority background, she says.

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Alexander Istad and Espen Meling Sele - Selected Title Authors

Alexander Istad has written the book The Dynamite Dudes and the Buzzkiller, which is illustrated by Espen Meling Sele. Alexander wanted to write a book for the rebels who prefer doing the opposite of what they’re told. – This book is for everyone who has the need to climb trees, get dirty and those who dream of flying, he says.

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Kjersti Synneva Moen - Selected Title Author

According to Kjersti Synneva Moen, too much in our lives is about performance. She wanted to write a book about the fact that it is more than enough just existing – and to create something for the joy of creating itself.

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Ellen Viste - Selected Title Author

Ellen Viste writes about the air around us which is always invisible – but never empty. – Except from when it storms, it is mainly when we feel the wind against us, that we notice it. How does the wind form nature, and what does it mean to us humans? she asks in her book Tales of the Wind.

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Dag O. Hessen - Selected Title Author

Dag O. Hessen has written a book for those who long for, and have a strong love for, nature. – It is a homage to the wild nature, manifested by the almost mythological wolverine, the hunt to see it in the mountains, and everything else once can see on the way, he says.

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Ivo De Figueiredo - Selected Title Author

Ivo de Figueiredo thinks Edvard Munch’s breakthrough in Europe didn’t happen despite of his provincial background, but because of it. In The Storm. A Biography of Edvard Munch he depicts Munchs’ life and artistry.

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Tove Gravdal and Dag Nylander - Selected Title Authors

The agreement between Farc and the government in Colombia is a sort of golden standard for international peace agreements. Out of the Jungle is about this peace process, which went on from 2011 to 2016. – Dag’s perspective is unique, since he was there from the beginning to the end, and knew everyone and spoke to everyone involved, the authors explain.