Children and Young Adults
Graphic novel - Vol. I in a series

Lars Henrik Eriksen

The Inventor – The Hunt for the Infinity Machine
Oppfinneren - Jakten på evighetsmaskinen

A captivating science-fiction drama about how curiosity and carelessness can have fateful consequences! A brand new Norwegian book series for children by Lars Henrik Eriksen

The aspiring inventor Kobolt Kogg lives with his mother on a small island, where the inhabitants make a living from farming with the help of giant turtles. Everyone seems satisfied with their lives in the quiet village, with the exception of Kobolt’s grandfather. He is the island’s great inventor, known to never abandon a crazy idea. One day, Kobolt and his good friend Linnea explore one of his grandfather’s machines all by themselves. They lose control and cause an explosion that hits them both. Kobolt ends up in a wheelchair. Despite the accident, he is determined to achieve his dream – the dream of becoming an inventor.

Eriksen oppfinneren web

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