Children and Young Adults
Novel - Vol. i in a series

Lars Mæhle
Victoria H. Hamre

The Vamp Family. The Mystery of the Long-Necked Vampire Victim
Familien Vamp. Mysteriet med det langhalsede vampyrofferet

The peaceful little town of Hayfield is haunted by some strange and sinister attacks. The victims are found with bite marks on their necks. Yes, that’s right – just like the marks vampires make!

Now it so happens that a family of genuine vampires lives in this particular little town – they keep it a secret, of course. Vera Vamp goes to school like any other kid. She wants to be just like the rest of the girls, a perfectly ordinary girl. There’s only one problem: the Vamp Family is anything but ordinary. What’s more, Halloween will soon be here – and the class party.
What could possibly go wrong?

The Mystery of the Long-Necked Vampire Victim is the first book in a series about Vera Vamp and her complicated, unpredictable family. The second book will be published in September 2022.

Illustrated by Victoria H. Hamre.

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