Children and Young Adults

Marit O. Kaldhol
Susanna Kajermo

On a Staircase in the Universe
På ei trapp i universet

How far out does the universe go?
Where does life come from?
How can the Earth be as small as a fly egg?
Who will keep us warm when the Sun is no more?

A cat and two children sit on the steps of a house on the edge of the forest. They philosophise about the universe, about the big things and the small, and about what they can’t see. Not to mention, they discover that there is a truly tremendous number of types of egg. On expeditions into the forest and to the fjord, both past and future, imagination and knowledge come thrillingly to life.
This poetry collection is beautifully illustrated by Susanna Kajermo.
“The aim of these poems is to awaken wonder about questions I have asked myself,” says the author.

For readers 6 years and over

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