Short Stories

Ingvild H. Rishøi

Winter Stories

It is impossible to remain unscathed by Ingvild H. Rishøi’s writing. No other writer produces better depictions of the vulnerability and fragility of humankind, of how unpredictable a grey everyday life can be. Her short stories have the capacity to deeply move a reader without compromising any of their literary quality or psychological depth. Winter Stories are about fleeing on a train, about karaoke, shopping malls and snow, and about how immensely difficult buying a pillow can be. But first and foremost, Winter Stories are three tales of love. Three stories about people who mean well, who do their best, but don’t always succeed.

Bok 515

’We’ve only come to January, but mark my words, when it’s time to sum up the year 2014, Winter Stories sit firmly enthroned on top of the list of the best Norwegian fiction books.’


“Small episodes, short glimpses into other people’s lives, which added together betrays what I with a large, pretentious, very un-Rishøian word would call the humanism of her writing. The proof that literature actually is important.“