NORLA offers a range of funding schemes, all with an aim of promoting the translation of Norwegian books.


NORLA has several funding schemes designed to encourage translation of Norwegian fiction and non-fiction books. We also have funding schemes for competency-raising for translators. Read more here.

Foragents and publishers

Agents and publishers working with translations of Norwegian literature can apply for a number of NORLA’s funding schemes. Read more about all our schemes here.


Organisers of festivals and conferences can apply for funding to invite Norwegian authors and lecturers to their events. This also applies to universities offering instruction in Norwegian language-related subjects. Read more here.

NORLA's activities to promote the export of Norwegian literature

June 01

Application deadline: Translation subsidy for Norwegian non-fiction

Application deadline: Translation subsidy for Norwegian non-fiction
Read more about the translation subsidy for Norwegian non-fiction here.

Foreign publishers may also apply for production subsidies for the publication of Norwegian non-fiction containing a large number of illustrations or with exceptionally demanding technical production requirements.
Read more about the scheme here.

June 26-June 28

NORLA's translator conference

26-28 June 2023, NORLA is hosting a large-scale conference for translators of literature from Norway, at Lily Country Club, Kløfta.

For the first time, translators who wish to participate in the conference have be invited to apply. The deadline was 28 November and all applicants will receive response in early January.
We will invite 150 translators who will be chosen to reflect the position and dissemination of literature from Norway in the different language markets, and also contribute to the recruitment of new translators of Norwegian literature.

The conference is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Read more in Norwegian here

July 01-July 31

Authors' Reading Month in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: 31 Norwegian authors taking part

Authors’ Reading Month is a large-scale traveling festival which runs for 31 days from July 1. The project is a collaboration between literature offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
This year, 31 Norwegian authors have been invited to participate consecutively in the festival.

The authors will be touring four cities; Brno and Ostrava in the Czech Republic, and Bratislava and Kosice in Slovakia, and will also participate digitally in Lviv, Ukraine.
The authors will appear along with one local author (Czech or Slovak) and travel from city to city.

August 01

Application deadline: Translation subsidy for Norwegian fiction

Read more about the translation subsidy for Norwegian fiction here.

Foreign publishers may also apply for production subsidies for children’s and young adult’s picture books by Norwegian authors and illustrators.
Read more about the scheme here.

NORLA selects Norwegian books of current interest for book fairs and literary events.

Selected Titles Spring 2023



Children and young adults


Høyer kirgurgen pocket 9788210058219 300dpi
Ida Hegazi Høyer
The Surgeon


40 uker omslag dummy vol 5 0f94711f 75c9 4065 89f8 e277e57d9307
Anna Blix
40 Weeks. A Human Pregnancy and 81 Other Ways to Reproduce

Children and young adults

Miyata jancey miekodanser gyldendal
Mariko Miyata-Jancey
Mieko Dances

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Norway as Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse

Norway was Guest of Honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019. Please visit our website for information about the project.

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