News from NORLA

News from NORLA

NORLA’s Translator’s Award 2016 goes to Nargis Shinkarenko


On September 29th in Oslo, during the celebration of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators, the 11th recipient of NORLA’s Translator’s Award was announced. The award was established in 2007 to spotlight the work done for Norwegian literature by foreign language translators. The award is to be given to a talented translator and is intended as a measure to encourage the promotion of Norwegian literature.

The award is given annually and on an alternating basis to translators of non-fiction and fiction. This year’s award is for non-fiction and the award recipient is Nargis Shinkarenko, who translates into Russian.

Norway en route to 2019

Img 2270

The planning of Norway Guest of Honour Frankfurt 2019 is well under way.

Img 2274
From the left: Simone Bühler, Margit Walsø and Karina Goldberg

NORLA’s Director Margit Walsø recently had a work meeting in Frankfurt with the book fair’s Guest of Honour team represented by Simone Bühler and Karina Goldberg, and met Chief Sponsorship Manager Frank Pauli. Together with Narve Solheim and Ida Svingen Mo from the Norwegian embassy in Berlin she also visited different arts venues in Frankfurt, such as Mousonturm and Museum für Angevandtes Kunst.

NORLA seeks project manager for Norway as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

Prosjektleder 33b

Read more about Norway as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 here.

NORLA Presents: Selected Norwegian Titles Autumn 2016

HØst 2.plass mette06 bilde 05

We invite you to take a closer look at our selected titles for the autumn of 2016 here.

You may also find selected titles from previous years, so called “Backlists”, in different genres here.

A Bookworm in Beijing

2016 09 08 beijing

We have begun the exciting autumn book fair season and the first fair on the list was the Beijing International Book Fair which took place in the end of August. This is the seventh time in a row NORLA has been to Beijing and we can hereby confirm that Norwegian literature is becoming increasingly popular in China.
If you happen to read Norwegian, you may read the report on the atmosphere of the fair by NORLA’s bookworm emissary here.

See our selected titles from the book fair in Beijing with presentations in both Chinese and English here.

You may also see the covers of Norwegian books recently published in Chinese through NORLA’s translation subsidies here.

NORLA travels around the world to promote Norwegian literature
Please have look at some of our other travelogues here.

Fifth season of NORLA's translators hotel

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Today, NORLA had the pleasure of welcoming four new translators to Oslo for the fifth season of our translators hotel at Hotell Bondeheimen:

Katerina Kristufkova (Czech)
Riina Hanso (Estonian)
Eleonora Pankratova (Russian)
Miroslav Zumrik (Slovakian).

We look forward to spending the next two weeks in their company!

The translators are at present translating among others the following books: Erlend Loe’s novel Volvo lastvagnar, Marit Reiersgård’s crime fiction novel Tall Snow, Tore Rem’s award-winning Knut Hamsun. The Journey to Hitler and Merethe Lindstrøm’s From the Winter Archives.

They look forward to meeting authors they are translating, or will be translating, and to better get to know Norwegian publishers and agents. They will also take part in several literary events and book launches during their stay, as well as visits to bookshops. In addition to this, the Norwegian Children’s Book Festival in Oslo (Barnebokfestivalen, September 15-17), and Oslo Culture Night (Oslo kulturnatt, September 16) will offer great opportunities for dives into Norwegian literature, culture and history.

All four will also be having work stations in our office, so we look forward to seeing them almost daily.

(From the left: NORLA’s Torill Johansen (who administers the translators hotel scheme), Katerina Kristufkova, Riina Hanso, Eleonora Pankratova and
Miroslav Zumrik.
Photo: Mette Børja).

The Aschehoug Prize 2016 to Per Petterson

2016 petterson, per photo cato lein

NORLA offers its warmest congratulations to Per Petterson, who this week received the prestigious Aschehoug Prize.
Per Petterson is one of Norway’s most critically acclaimed contemporary authors. His books have found readers all over the world as they are translated into no less than 50 languages.

At NORLA we are looking forward to the activities of the autumn!

Bokmesse 1.plass per dsc 0287

NORLA will be taking part in many book fairs, seminars and meetings in the coming months.

See where you can find us and when in the course of the autumn here.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting.

Meet the translators of the month

Deborah dawkin og erik skuggevik

The translators of the month for August and September are the British-Norwegian translation duo Deborah Dawkin and Erik Skuggevik. They are currently making headlines with new translations of four of Henrik Ibsen’s best known dramas, which have just been published by Penguin Classics.
Together they have also translated a broad spectrum of Norwegian titles, from fiction and non-fiction to graphic novels.

If you read Norwegian you can become better acquainted with Deborah and Erik here.

Missing e-mails sent to NORLA 27 and/or 28 July

Vi beklager teknisk feil

At NORLA we are back from our summer holidays, and we have today learned that any e-mails sent us Wednesday 27 July and Thursday 28 July have unfortunately not reached us, due to technical problems following a system update not initiated by us.
Everyone who has sent us e-mails July 27 and 28 should have received a notice about delay in our e-mail system.
But since all e-mails sent July 27 and 28 have failed to reach us, we do hope you are able to resend you e-mail to the original e-mail address, including attachments etc.

Prolonged application deadline:
Due to these technical problems, we prolong the August 1 application deadline, for both translation subsidy for Norwegian fiction AND for author and lecturer visits to institutions of higher learning abroad.
The new application deadline is through Thursday 3 August.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused!