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Poem of the Week, week 44: Gunvor Hofmo "Between Light and Darkness"

Enjoy a weekly poem by authors from Norway, throughout the year.

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Five Norwegian titles in The 2023 White Ravens

Every year «The White Ravens» catalogue higlights a selection of new, notable international children‘s and youth literature. This year’s catalogue features five titles by Norwegian authors/illustrators.

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Poem of the Week, week 43: Rauni Magga Lukkari "Fall Freezes by the Thicket"

Enjoy a weekly poem by authors from Norway, throughout the year.

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Poem of the Week, week 42: Olaf Bull "Autumn"

Enjoy a weekly poem by authors from Norway, throughout the year.

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Heidi Marie Vestrheim - Selected Title Author

Heidi Marie Vestrheim would have loved to have a Jenny to read about when she was little. – There aren’t that many books about girls who love rock and have big dreams! she says.

Uten tittel (1)

Line Halsnes - Selected Title Author

Line Halsnes has written a book about the world’s seven coolest rescue rides. – This is a book for children from the age of 3 +, but I think grown-ups might find it interesting as well, she says.

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Neda Alaei - Selected Title Author

Neda Alaei writes about 16 year old Yousef, who tries to do everything that is expected of him. – On One Condition is about Yousef, and many young Norwegian boys in Norway with a minority background, she says.

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Alexander Istad and Espen Meling Sele - Selected Title Authors

Alexander Istad has written the book The Dynamite Dudes and the Buzzkiller, which is illustrated by Espen Meling Sele. Alexander wanted to write a book for the rebels who prefer doing the opposite of what they’re told. – This book is for everyone who has the need to climb trees, get dirty and those who dream of flying, he says.

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Kjersti Synneva Moen - Selected Title Author

According to Kjersti Synneva Moen, too much in our lives is about performance. She wanted to write a book about the fact that it is more than enough just existing – and to create something for the joy of creating itself.

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Maria Parr and Åshild Irgens - Selected Title Authors

Maria Parr turns towards the nearest things in her new book Oskar and me. – This is my homage to the normal every day, and everything it contains, she says.

Thon, ingunn (c) luksengard bruk dette

Ingunn Thon - Selected Title Author

Ingunn Thon writes about Orion Sigerstad, the best besserwisser you can imagine, who one day suddenly goes wild. – This book is for you who are more concerned about what others think of you, than what you think of yourself, she says.

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Håkon Marcus - Selected Title Author

Håkon Marcus wanted to write modern fantasy with a mysterious touch. – With the Feral-universe I have tried to create a new type of world with a new logic, at the same time as it mirrors and interacts with our own, he says.