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Sunny festival days in Lillehammer

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From May 28th – June 3rd, the Nordic region’s largest literary festival took place in Lillehammer. During the festival, NORLA arranged a seminar for translators who work with translating fiction from Norwegian into English, French, Dutch and Polish. NORLA also invited several international publishers and scouts to Oslo and Lillehammer (in cooperation with the Publishers’ Association and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Participants came from Great Britain, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
A group of German journalists and influencers also visited Norway in connection with the festival.

These businesses will put Norwegian literature on the map through the Literature Go Global program

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Seven Norwegian businesses have been chosen to participate in the export program “Literature Go Global”.

Meet autumn’s ‘New Voices’

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Norway is Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019. Bringing forth new literary voices internationally is an important goal of the initiative. NORLA has entered into the development program, New Voices, in collaboration with Talent Norway and the Norwegian Publishers’ Association. The program will create a space for highlighting areas of the rich literary underground.

In our announcement text to Norwegian publishing editors you will find all the details about the New Voices program.

Group 4 of New Voices consists of the following authors:

Photo memories from Canada


In late April, NORLA had the pleasure of visiting Montreal, Canada, in connection with the Blue Metropolis literature festival, where the authors Morten A. Strøknes, Torkil Damhaug and Heidi Sævareid were guests. At the same time, NORLA organized a book trade meeting, about Norwegian and Canadian literature, in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Canada, NORLA’s sister organisation Livres Canada Books, and the Blue Metropolis Festival.

Leonardo Pinto Silva - Translator of the Month for May 2018


Our translator of the month for May is Leonardo Pinto Silva, from Brazil.

He has several different works published this spring, including selected plays by Henrik Ibsen. Two of the pieces have been joined to make “An Enemy at the Doll’s House”, which premiered on May 17, and was directed by Camila Bauer, winner of last year’s international Ibsen Awards!
Leonardo has also translated Jon Roar Bjørkvold’s book The Muse Within (original title: Det musiske menneske) which was recently launched in Brazil.

April greeting from the Frankfurt team

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April has been an eventful month. Some of the highlights were the visit from the Frankfurt Book Fair, the press conference where the project’s new partners were presented and the jury meetings for evaluating the incoming design proposals for the Guest of Honour Pavilion. May will include visits from publishers and a press trip in connection with the Norwegian Festival of Literature in Lillehammer and further development of the literary program.

"Literature Go Global" generates huge interest

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In connection with the announcement of the Literature Go Global program an information meeting was held on April 19, for Norwegian literary agents and rights managers at NORLA.

Literature Go Global (Litteratur ut i verden) is an export and competence program for literary agents. It aims to contribute to increased Norwegian literature exports and strengthen the Norwegian agencies and the book industry’s competitive powers internationally. The program is a collaboration between the Ministry of Culture, Innovation Norway and NORLA.

Juergen Boos, director of the Frankfurt Book Fair, attended and presented the book fair as a venue for international rights trading. Afterwards Margit Klingen Daams, head of cultural and creative industry at Innovation Norway, presented the Literature Go Global program, and the application process.

There was a high attendance and good dialogue concerning the program after the presentation, and many interesting questions from the hall.

The Frankfurt Project is now almost fully funded


In 2019, Norway will be Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest and most important meeting place for literature. The project has been broadly supported by both public and private funding, it recently gained several new partners and is now almost fully financed.

Eighth season of NORLA's Translators Hotel

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Today, NORLA had the pleasure of welcoming four new translators to Oslo for the eighth season of our translators hotel at Hotell Bondeheimen.

The four translators are:
Dana Caspi (Hebrew)
Elke Ranzinger (German)
Sanda Tomescu Baciu (Romanian)
Daniela Mrázová (Czech).

We look forward to spending the next two weeks in their company!

Jelena Ratsjinskaja - Translator of the Month for April 2018


Our translator of the month for April is Jelena Ratsjinskaja from Russia.

Jelena foto natalia tsjeban
Jelena Ratsjinskaja. Photo: Natalia Tsjeban
She is currently one of the initiators and organisers of a major theatre festival which took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg last week, which was entirely devoted to the dramas of Jon Fosse. In connection with the festival, twelve of Fosse’s plays were published in book form for the first time, in Russian, translated by Jelena, Vera Diakonova and Alla Rybikova.
In addition to translating Fosse’s drama and Norwegian fiction, Jelena has both translated and presented a large amount of Norwegian non-fiction to a Russian audience. In 2008 she was awarded NORLA’s translator award.

External news

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Norway as Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse

Norway was Guest of Honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019. Please visit our website for information about the project.

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