Report cover design by helge hjorth bensen (node)
Design: Helge Hjorth Bentsen, NODE Berlin Oslo

Norway as Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Buchmesse 2019 is the country’s largest overall foreign cultural initiative. The main goals set for the initiative by NORLA were achieved. The goals were to renew the foothold of Norwegian literature in Germany, to create new international interest in Norwegian literature, to showcase Norway as a modern cultural nation and to revitalize the relationship between Norway and Germany through cooperation on literary and cultural projects.

The total cost of the project is around NOK 52 million, which is in line with the budget for the guest of honour initiative. This report documents and evaluates NORLA’s work on the project and results in relation to the goals for the initiative, adopted by the board of NORLA and incorporated in the letters of support from the Government.

The Ministry of Culture was the principal for an ordinary, external evaluation of the results achieved for all partners in the guest of honour initiative.
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Reports from Norwegian-German collaborative projects in the cultural programme that received allocations from NORLA following calls for proposals can be read below.