Frankfurt 1.plass mette frf messemylder

First trip to Frankfurt

When you visit Frankfurt Book Fair for the first time, it’s handy to go along with colleagues who’ve already been there before. And it’s particularly handy to be there with colleagues who are very tall or who dash around in colourful, polka-dotted coats that make them easy to spot in a crowd. Because the site of the fair is just as enormous as everybody told you, it’s full to the brim with publishing people from all over the world – and the tempo is higher than you could ever have imagined.

Møte idegruppe barnelitteratur

First meeting of the Frankfurt 2019 brainstorming group for children's and young adult literature

One important aim when Norway is guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019 will be the promotion and highlighting of Norwegian children’s and YA literature – which is among the best we have to offer!
NORLA has set up a brainstorming group to help us come up with great ideas about what we can and should do to make as much as possible out of the whole event; it will be holding its inaugural meeting today!

The participants are:
Kristin Jobraaten (Ena publishing), Taran L. Bjørnstad (NBU, Norwegian Writers For Children), Birgitte Eek (NBI, The Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books), Harald Rosenløw Eeg, Bjørn F. Rørvik and Stian Hole. Heading the group is NORLA’s Andrine Pollen, Coordinator Literary Programme Frankfurt 2019.

We are looking forward to cooperating with this great group and establishing wonderful ideas for the guest of honour program for children and young adults.

Img 20171017 134901

Seventh season of NORLA's translators hotel

Today, NORLA had the pleasure of welcoming four new translators to Oslo for the seventh season of our translators hotel at Hotell Bondeheimen:

The four translators are:
Jarka Vrbová (Czech)
Rasim Muratovic (Bosnian)
Sara Culeddu (Italian)
Agné Guigaité (Lithuanian)

We look forward to spending the next two weeks in their company!

Anne marie soulier

Anne-Marie Soulier - Translator of the Month October 2017

October’s translator of the month was Anne-Marie Soulier, who translates into French and is extremely active in a very special area of Norway’s literary treasure: poetry.
She was born in Lunéville in 1945, but spent many years living abroad (in Germany, Norway, Algeria and England) before settling down in Strasbourg. She worked for many years at the university, where she mainly taught English. Nowadays, she works primarily on the translation of Norwegian poetry and has just completed translations of both Hanne Bramness and Olav H. Hauge. In addition, Anne-Marie has published several collections of her own poetry, often in collaboration with different artists, and some of her poems have also been set to music by composers.

You may read more about Anne-Marie here.

Read our interview (in Norwegian) here.

Bok tekst

A new platform for translators of Norwegian literature

NORLA recently launched the website Books from Norway. The website provides foreign rights buyers with information in English about Norwegian titles. In addition to being a platform for rightsholders and rights buyers, Books from Norway is made for translators of Norwegian literature.

Skog logo

NORLA presents Books from Norway

Foreign publishers have requested a comprehensive website containing information in English about Norwegian titles. In accordance with the objectives of the Frankfurt project, NORLA has responded to this challenge and created the website Books from Norway.

20170817 norla 301

Greetings from the Frankfurt team

As of today, only 452 days remain until 1 January 2019. Starting on this day, Norway has Guest of Honour status in connection with the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019. Throughout the entirety of 2019 Norwegian literature and culture will be spotlighted in Germany. How we look forward to this!

Endelig kollasj2

NORLA Presents: Selected Norwegian Titles Autumn 2017

We invite you to take a closer look at our selected titles for the autumn of 2017 here.

You may also find our lists of titles in different genres from 2016/2017 and previous years, in our “Highlights” lists, here.

Maike doerries 2017 photo johannes vogt

NORLA’s Translator’s Award 2017 conferred on Maike Dörries

In conjunction with the celebration of the Feast of St. Jerome on 28 September in Oslo, NORLA’s Translator’s Award was conferred for the twelfth time.

The award is given annually to a translator of Norwegian literature and was established to spotlight the contribution made by foreign translators to Norwegian literature. The award shall go to a translation talent and is intended as measure to encourage the ongoing investment in Norwegian literature.

Hieronymus kollasje uten oliver

NORLA’s book tips for the International Translation Day

We at NORLA want to showcase the crucial work translators do, and this week we will be celebrating the patron saint of translators, St. Hieronymus. Even though our task is promoting Norwegian literature, we like to use the occasion of “Hieronymus day” to recommend good books that have been translated well into Norwegian.
Thank you to all the translators out there who make the worlds literature available to us!

If you happen to read Norwegian you may read our book tips here.
(And if you don’t, you might still be able to figure out the titles, as all are translations into Norwegian).


American publishers meet Norwegian authors in New York

Week 37 was the week for Norwegian literary events in New York. On Thursday 14 October, Norwegian authors were introduced to American publishers in the residence of the Norwegian consulate general. There was standing room only when, one by one, Cecilie Enger, Nina Lykke and Vigdis Hjorth took the floor in front of a fantastic view of Manhattan and the East River.

Bejing international book fair

CHINA – A travelogue

The Chinese are crazy about Norwegian books. That is the impression we were left with after having visited the book fair in Beijing. Ever since 2010 NORLA has travelled to the book fair in Beijing, Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), which takes place every year in the end of August. This year we were accompanied by four Norwegians: Even Råkil from Oslo Literary Agency, Hans Petter Bakketeig from Stilton Agency, Gina Winje from Winje Agency and Svein Størksen, Magikon Forlag. At the fair energetic work was carried out to present Norwegian books and meet with Chinese publishers to promote the translation of more Norwegian titles into Chinese.