Next application deadline will be in winter/early spring 2024 – TBA

NORLA’s translators hotel

NORLA started in 2014 a pilot scheme for a translators hotel for translators of Norwegian literature. The scheme has been an unconditional success and has since been renewed annually, with the exeption of the pandemic years.

The translators are invited to apply for two-week stays at Hotell Bondeheimen, which is centrally located in downtown Oslo and close to many central cultural institutions.

Note that the offer is only available for translators who translate directly from Norwegian.

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NORLA’s aim for the scheme is to offer translators:
• Good working conditions and the possibility explore Norwegian literature in depth.
• The opportunity to carry out research/background checks and to meet Norwegian authors.
• The opportunity to form valuable contacts in the Norwegian book industry.
• The opportunity to become better acquainted with the staff of NORLA.

All hotel and travel costs are covered by NORLA, and the translators receive a living grant.
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also contribute towards the scheme.